Ending the party culture at Town Hall

Jennifer Yang 05/04/2018

The party culture at Town Hall needs to end.

If Councillors want to get drunk and have lavish meals, they should do so in their own time and using their own money. Ratepayers should not be paying for a Councillor booze-up and, if elected, I will ban Councillors from drinking during work hours.

This ban will extend across all official events for a period of two years to send a message near and far that Council is back in business and focussed on the people of Melbourne and not on itself.

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Tram Bridge for Fisherman's Bend

Jennifer Yang 10/04/2018

Jennifer Yang, supports the planned tram bridge between Docklands and Fisherman’s Bend.

Ms Yang believes this tram bridge is vital for the success of the entire Fisherman’s Bend urban renewal project, and that it must be delivered by 2020.

The tram bridge has been planned for in the draft Fisherman’s Bend Strategic Framework, which is currently being considered by a state planning panel.

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Improving safety across our city

Jennifer Yang 17/04/2018

Consistent with advice from Victoria Police, I will build on the City of Melbourne’s full spectrum approach to safety by extending the CCTV camera network.

I will also continue to fund Salvation Army Street Teams and work with Victoria Police to further reduce crime.

I will not only ensure that the City of Melbourne continues to participate in critical emergency response exercises but lobby the State Government for more bollards to be installed across high density areas.

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Double the Pensioner Rebate

Jennifer Yang 17/04/2018

Our City’s pensioners have worked hard and deserve our support.

If elected, I will double the City of Melbourne’s Pensioner Concession Rebate supplement from 25% to 50%.

In practical terms this pledge means the City of Melbourne, under my leadership, would match the State Government Pensioner Concession Rebate dollar for dollar.

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More Transport, more often

Jennifer Yang 17/04/2018

I am committed to more frequent and higher quality transport options for those who live and work in our great City.

I will improve walking and cycling connectivity by building a great urban environment with beautiful boulevards. I support the building of more ‘Copenhagen-style’ bike lanes as these are better for all road users.

I am committed to ensure the State Government build a tram line to Fisherman’s Bend by 2020 and that the State Government begin real planning for Metro 2.

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